White Night
White Night
White Night
White Night

White Night

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Our 'White Night' is made of rare baltic white amber, turquoise, 24k gold, mammoth ivory and silk rope. 

All materials are precious and natural. Everything is handmade.

Unique and extraordinary design. Perfect to wear in summer.

The baltic white amber we choose has top-quality and 100% natural. 

No artificial enhancement. Genuine guaranteed. 

The white amber is from Russia.

Russia is the source of over 90% of the world’s amber (Russian Baltic amber).

Amber's value differs significantly depending on its colour. Yellow tones of amber are pretty common - around 70 percent of all amber. It includes colours from honey yellow to dark yellow, light brown or darker brown.

White amber is richer in texture and patterns, and contains a higher percentage of succinic acid which is also known as “amber acid”.

Succinic acid had been shown to stimulate the neural system recovery and strengthens the immune system, and can also help compensate for energy drain in the body and brain, boosting awareness, concentration and reflexes, and reduce stress.

The higher percentage of succinic acid also makes white amber have richer fragrance than other ambers when rubbed or warmed up.

White amber is so rare that it accounts for about 1 to 2 percent of the world's amber supply. Therefore, it is more precious. 

The colour of this pendant is even and comfortable. The patterns are very refined.

The amber itself has been strictly examined and selected. There is no dirty spot, cracking or other flaws.

Here we would like to emphasise that there are not any treatments on our ambers.

Treatments on ambers (e.g. heating, coating, pressing etc.) are very common and make it possible to buy amber that looks great at an affordable price.

It is said that such procedures do not make the amber any less authentic, but nevertheless we strongly against to have any treatments on ambers.

We believe 100% nature is the best, even if the price is higher.

We pay lots of attention to the details of our jewellery.

The rope adjuster is made of two mammoth ivory pads.

The two turquoise pearls also have very high quality. No artificial enhancement. 

There are four golden loops with each of turquoise pearl.

The golden loops are made of 24k pure gold, small but made with excellent craftsmanship. 

Front and back, there are mammoth ivory pads between the golden loops and amber.

The rope is made of 100% silk. Color comes from natural dyes. 

Handmade of 16 strands of silk thread in Japan. Very strong and durable. 

*The rosewood box is not included in the product. But you can buy it separately in our shop.

We believe this is a piece of jewellery that can company you for a long time.

We only make special things that can last.