The Ring
The Ring
The Ring
The Ring

The Ring

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Our 'The Ring' is one of the most fantastic ring you can see, handmade of 24k gold. 

It's an impressive ring. 

The inner diameter is 20mm. 

The thickness is 1.5mm, the hight is 95mm.

Tailor-made order is acceptable. Please make a contact with us through email  

The ring is handmade with lost-wax casting methods. 

Lost-wax casting (also called "investment casting", "precision casting") is the process by which a duplicate metal sculpture (often silver, gold, brass or bronze) is cast from an original sculpture. Intricate works can be achieved by this method.

Each carved wax model can only be used once to make one unique ring.

The six ‘虺 Huǐ’ pattern in three groups are made in relief on the top of the ring. Some details of '虺 Huǐ' are intaglioed.  


'虺 Huǐ ' usually is considered as a small young dragon. The patter of '虺 Huǐ' often appears in groups on the Chinese ancient bronze wares thousands of years ago. 

The design of this ring is inspired by these '虺 Huǐ' patterns in ancient time.

Let’s take macro shootings to have a check with the amazing details.

This is very solid ring, made of 14.4g 24k pure gold. 

The traditional method of working with 24k gold was applied to make this ring. The adequate thickness makes the strength of the ring very reliable for everyday wearing. 

'The Ring' has a very fascinating colour, very attractive. 

This is the true colour of 24k pure gold.

There is no coating nor any other treatments. With this ring, you see the true colour of pure gold. 

The surface of the gold is matt-finished. It is not as shining as ordinary high polished ring. But with the time of wearing, the relief parts will get polished by using. The ring will shine in its own way. We consider it as a highly personal experience.

This is a piece of art jewellery with rich cultural and historical content. 

It is unique and personal, getting its own characteristics with the owner.

This is a piece of lifetime jewellery. 

We only make special things that can last.