Red Rabbit
Red Rabbit
Red Rabbit
Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit

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The tea leaves of Red Rabbit are mature during early summer. But the making of the tea lasts till middle of September.

All the tea leaves are carefully hand picked by the tea maker.

This can stop the ferment process and enhance the nature scent of the tea leaves.

The price paid is that the tea maker needs to watch over the process all the time, from evening till early morning.

These traditional procedures take much time and work. In tea factories, nearly everything is done by machines.

But the taste of Red Rabbit rewards all the effort and persistence.

Red Rabbit has an amazing taste with some unexpected apple flavour.

This flavour is not blended nor scented, it is a gift from the nature tea leaves and cultivated by traditional methods of making the tea.


Full Pack contains 12 packets in an iron box.

Single pack contains one packet in high quality rice paper


Made in late summer, 2017. 

Yunan, China.