Spring Breeze
Spring Breeze
Spring Breeze
Spring Breeze
Spring Breeze
Spring Breeze

Spring Breeze

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Spring Breeze: to feel the freshest flavour of the spring. 

This tea is one of the most delicate green tea, 500g tea need 60,000-80,000 handpicked fresh one-bud with one-leaf. 

Tea plants are growing with various fruit trees and wild flowers. Every year, when the nearby fruits get mature and tea flowers also come into bloom. This kind of environment makes the tea leaves of 'Spring Breeze' have a unique and complex fruity and floral scent. 

In the private tea garden, only organic fertilisers are used and there is no use of pesticide. 

In order to get the most authentic taste of this kind of green tea, we are persistent in making 'Spring Breeze' with traditional wood stoves and methods. 

The controlling of the heating completely depends on the tea makers' experience and cooperation. 

Our 'Spring Breeze' is completely handmade.

During the stir fixation process, the central heat of the iron pan is nearly 400°C. The stirring needs to be done by hand without wearing any gloves. The whole process needs to be done within 30 minutes, otherwise the tea leaves will be "overcooked".

Completely handmade means small-lot production. With each pan, one tea maker can only make 200g tea every time. But compared with the machine mass-produced tea in the tea factory, the taste of our 'Spring Breeze' wins a resounding victory.

All these tea leaves that are handmade in traditional methods do not come easily.  We treat them with our great respect. 

All the tea leaves have been strictly picked. Only intact tea leaves fits our standard. 

One of the important criteria to judge this kind of green tea is that the shape of the tea needs to be like the leg of the cricket. 

All packets have been carefully measured by us to ensure you have the best enjoying experience. 

They are ready for cold brew. 

The cold brew taste of our 'Spring breeze' is refreshing with complex fruity and floral flavour.

Made in Spring, 2018.

Suzhou, China.

Full Pack contains 12 packets in an iron box.

Single pack contains one packet in high quality rice paper.