Snowflakes on Lake
Snowflakes on Lake
Snowflakes on Lake
Snowflakes on Lake
Snowflakes on Lake

Snowflakes on Lake

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Different from simply blending tea with flowers or perfuming tea with flower aromas, we use real fresh flowers to make our scented tea. 

The processing strictly follows the method that people used 1000 years ago, which in Chinese is called “窨 xūn.

During this process, tea and fresh flowers are put layer by layer, letting the scent be breathed out from the fresh flowers and get absorbed by the tea leaves for certain time.

As the tea absorbs moisture from the fresh Jasmine flowers, it must be roasted with low temperature to prevent spoilage. Then remove the old flowers and replace with new fresh flowers, repeat the whole process.

This traditional method of scenting tea leaves demands a high skill to control the humidity and time during the scenting process, and takes lots of manual work. Therefore in most of tea factories, these procedures are nearly all conducted by machines.

But we persist in 100% handmade to obtain the most original taste of jasmine tea, which is same as what people drunk hundreds years ago. 

Besides, considering of the cost of fresh flower and time of scenting, normal jasmine tea repeats the scenting process three times. But our jasmine tea repeats the process five times, which needs more fresh flowers and time.

The entire scenting time for this jasmine tea takes half a month.

Tea leaves used in Snowflakes on Lake is from Mount Emei in Sichuan, made in Spring. Jasmine flowers are from Jiajiang in Sichuan, rich in fragrance.

The flowers and petals are kept in this jasmine tea.

Snowflakes on Lake has a strong visual appeal when it gets in touch with water. 

The scent of this jasmine tea is natural and alive, the taste is bright and clear.

It brings you to a summer evening of jasmine field in south of China.


Full Pack contains 12 packets in an iron box.

Single pack contains one packet in high quality rice paper.


Made in summer, 2017.

Sichuan, China.