Sky After Rain
Sky After Rain
Sky After Rain

Sky After Rain

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Our Sky After Rain is a celadon box.

Diameter is 9.8cm. Height is 5.7cm.

Completely handmade by artist in Longquan, Zhejiang Province of China. 

Unique item. 

Celadon is a kind of characteristic Chinese porcelain, especially its unique glaze colour and special jade-like quality of glaze. Celadon was flourished in Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) in Chinese history. For many centuries, celadon wares were highly regarded by the Chinese Imperial court.

The colour of sky after rain

The most famous colour of Celadon is the bluish-green. 

It is said this colour originated from an emperors dream of the sky after rain. 

The finishing of the glaze has a similar quality of nephrite jade which is the most highly valued and appreciated material in China.

The feeling that this glaze reveals is calming and tranquil.

The glaze of this celadon is made from the artists unique recipe. The ingredients of the glaze recipe are completely from traditional nature minerals. No synthetic ingredients. 

The artist tries to revive the impressive colour and quality of Celadon as it was described in the historical records hundreds years ago.

Compare with the dullness of normal industrial chemical colour glaze, this celadon glaze has a much more alive and vivid colour. 

The small and tiny lines in the glaze is the result of the accumulation of a very thick layer of glaze.

True Celadon has a thin body but very thick layer of glaze.

Thats also the secret of having a jade-like quality. 

The craftsmanship is impressive. All the details are very well done. 

At the bottom of the box, there is a carved signature of the artist. 

Perfect to use as a jewellery box. 

It can also be used as a storage box for your favourite things. 

Just simple lines and perfect shape. No complicated decoration and painting. 

Back to the aesthetic views of Song Dynasty.

Less is more.