Red Sun
Red Sun
Red Sun
Red Sun

Red Sun

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Our ‘Red Sun’ is a cool box made of red sandalwood/Zitan.

The diameter is 6.3cm, hight is 4.9cm.

Minimalistic Design. Characteristic shape. Refined style.

The material of 'Red Sun' is Indian red sandalwood/Zitan.

Red sandalwood has historically been valued in China, particularly during the Qing Dynasty periods, and is referred to in Chinese as 'Zitan(紫檀) and spelt tzu-t'an by earlier western authors when they introduced classical Chinese hardwood furniture to the west.

An exquisite chair made of red sandalwood can be seen today in China's Forbidden City in Beijing, inside the Hall of Supreme Harmony, and once used by the emperors of the Qing Dynasty.

Due to its slow growth and rarity, things made of 'Zitan' is rare and expensive. It has been one of the most prized woods for millennia.

The red sandalwood used for this box has premium quality.

The condition of the box is perfect. There is no cracking nor mending on the wood. 

The proportion between lines and surfaces are perfect. All the details have been treated with extreme carefulness. 

The box is made of the whole piece of wood. No gluing. No piecing together. 

There is neither lacquer nor wax on this red sandalwood box. The shimmer of the box is purely from careful polishing.

Superb craftsmanship with excellent finish. Touching the box is like touching a high quality silk.  

The lid and the body are flawlessly locked. 

Revolve the lid to right a bit, lift up the lid, then it is unlocked. 

The natural patterns on the wood are used to indicate 'lock' and 'unlock'. 

Try to explore this fun and amazing way of 'lock' and 'unlock'.

Carefully move around the lid and feel the sealing of the box, paying attention to the natural patterns on the wood. 

Even the red sandalwood/Zitan is very solid and hard, we still highly recommend you treat it gently. 

It works perfect with your favourite ring, earrings and necklace.

We only make special things that can last!