Osmanthus Rain
Osmanthus Rain
Osmanthus Rain
Osmanthus Rain
Osmanthus Rain
Osmanthus Rain

Osmanthus Rain

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In China, especially in south, osmanthus flower is the language of autumn. It is also closely associated with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

Osmanthus flower in China usually comes in the colour of gold, silver and orange. 

We choose orange osmanthus to make our 'Osmanthus Rain'

Compared with gold and silver osmanthus flower, orange osmanthus has a gorgeous colour and richer fragrance.

The flowering season of orange osmanthus is around the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Only in the middle of the week around Mid-Autumn Festival, hand picked orange osmanthus flowers have the most marvellous fragrance.

The scenting procedure follows the traditional Chinese method of making scented tea: xūn)

No perfume. No synthetic aroma. 

Only freshly picked osmanthus flowers in autumn. 

One layer of osmanthus flowers, one layer of autumn green tea. 

Layers by Layers. 

Long time roasting with lower temperature, 

Melt the soul of osmanthus flowers into the body of green tea.

Our 'Osmanthus Rain' is a tea that preserves the flavour of autumn in southern China.

Works best with cold brew. 

Unforgettable taste~


Full Pack contains 12 packets in an iron box.

Single pack contains one packet in high quality rice paper.


Made in Autumn, 2017.

Shandong, China.