Magic Dragonfly
Magic Dragonfly
Magic Dragonfly
Magic Dragonfly

Magic Dragonfly

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Balancing Dragonfly is not unusual. But ordinarily it is made by plastic or bamboo.

This time we made it with precious Indian red sandalwood.

Red sandalwood has historically been valued in China, particularly during the Qing Dynasty periods, and is referred to in Chinese as 'zitan(紫檀) and spelt tzu-t'an by earlier western authors when they introduced classical Chinese hardwood furniture to the west.

An exquisite chair made of red sandalwood can be seen today in China's Forbidden City in Beijing, inside the Hall of Supreme Harmony, and once used by the emperors of the Qing Dynasty.

Due to its slow growth and rarity, things made of 'zitan' is rare and expensive. It has been one of the most prized woods for millennia.

High quality red sandalwood has beautiful patterns in itself. These pattens change a bit when reflect light from different angles.  

Check the details of our handcraft. You will find the efforts we made. 

We also added a nice pyramid-shape dock which is made of rosewood. 

Perfect combination. Perfect balance.

It works wonderfully on the desk at your home or office.

This is unique piece. Completely handmade. 

You will get the one that you have seen in these pictures.