Immortal Joy
Immortal Joy
Immortal Joy
Immortal Joy

Immortal Joy

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Our Immortal Joy' is a piece of art sculpture made of a whole piece of mammoth ivory, with 24k gold inlays backside.

The size of mammoth ivory cicada sculpture: L60mm x W26mm x H5.8mm.

A few simple line vividly carved out the main characteristics of a cicada. The design is inspired by jade carvings from the Han Dynasty in China (202 BC to 220 AD).

The marks on the cicada sculpture are not flaws, they are natural patterns on certain part of the mammoth ivory. We make a use of these patterns on purpose to indicate the lines of cicada wings. These natural patterns also bring a special "old" feeling to the entire sculpture.

The cicadas role in Chinese culture is a longstanding and fascinating one. Meanings associated with the insect range from simply indicating the onset of summer to more complex themes, such as rebirth and immortality. The cicada can even represent the pathos of nature, in which we are all prey in the end.

In general Chinese lore, cicadas are creatures of high status. They are considered pure because they subsist on dew and lofty because of their perch in high treetops. An ancient analogy in China suggests that a high-ranking official should resemble a cicada: residing high, eating a pure diet, and with sharp eyes.

On the back of this sculpture, we use 24k gold wire to inlay two Chinese characters 『怡樂』and a craftsman's seal.

Extremely exquisite craftsmanship. 

Two Chinese characters『怡樂』are written in a special and refined seal script font.  In Chinese they mean ease and joyful.

We use high-quality Siberian mammoth ivory. The material is trusted by professional craftsmen for its magnificent natural finish.

The mammoth ivory we use is from the icy wildness of northern Siberia. Our mammoth ivory is obtained in an ethical manner.

Mammoth ivory is the fossil of mammoth tusk, which is harvested from mammoth remains preserved in Siberian permafrost. It is used as a substitute for elephant ivory. The fossil ivory has nearly the same texture and appearance as elephant ivory, except the angle difference of Schreger lines. 

Cross sections of elephant (left) and mammoth tusks (right) with outer Schreger lines marked, showing characteristic angle difference.

Accessories include:

One jewellery-grade Nanhong agate bead.

Pure and clean red colour. Flawless.

One jewellery-grade green jade bead. 

High purity. Perfect condition. Outstanding vivd green colour.

With 24k gold wire inlay. Excellent finishing. 

All the golden ornaments are handmade of 24k gold in traditional method. The colour and texture are different from 18k gold.

All 24k gold ornaments are specially designed to match the super quality silk rope.

Our rope is made of 100% silk. Color comes from natural dyes.

Handmade of 16 strands of silk thread in Japan. Very strong and durable. 

The perfect combination of precious natural materials and extreme craftsmanship is breathtaking.

*The red sandalwood/Zitan box is not included in the product. If you want to purchase, please contact us.

Whenever you appreciate or touch this artwork, it will always bring you pleasure. 

Only exist one piece in the world. 

~ We only make special things that can last! ~