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Our 'Greenfinch' is a bracelet made of green jade and 24k gold.

The size of one bead is 8mm x 7m. There is a 24k gold loop between each bead.

Extraordinarily refined design. Attractive icy green. Perfect for summer.

Minimalistic. Simple. But characteristic. 

It can be quiet and low-key in darkness. 

But giving a bit light, it can easily be outstanding and impressive. 

Made of premium quality of green jade. Fantastic green colour. High purity. 


No artificial enhancement. 

24k pure gold loop between each bead, luxury but not vulgar.

Touching feels like the best silk, shimmering discreetly. 

*The red sandalwood tray and box are not included in the product. But you can buy them separately in our shop.

Real jade has very good toughness. It is durable in normal everyday wearing.

But as a natural stone material, we recommend you to treat it with a bit more carefulness. It should not be worn together with other metal or hard stone bracelets, nor be worn in heavy physical activities. 

This is a lifetime piece of jewellery.

We only make special things that can last.