Green Cloud
Green Cloud
Green Cloud
Green Cloud
Green Cloud
Green Cloud

Green Cloud

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Our 'Green Cloud' is an extraordinary necklace, made of greed jade, 24k gold and silk. 

The green jade pendant is 28.8mm x 7mm in size. No artificial enhancement.

Everything is handcrafted.

Remarkable design. Simple but sophisticated. 

Nothing related with fashion, only beautiful and distinguished.

This is only one in the world, waiting for the right person to be with.

The shape of the greed jade pendant gives you various feelings when you see it from different angles. 

All accessories are handmade of 24k pure gold.

The rope is made of 100% silk. Color comes from natural dyes.

Handmade of 16 strands of silk thread in Japan. Very strong and durable. 

*The Zitan(red sandalwood) box is not included in the product. 

The green jade appears a bit different under different light. That's the life of real high quality natural material. 

We dare to say this is a piece of jewellery that you will never get fed up with. 

Every time when you have look at it, it will bring you pleasure. 

This is a piece of jewellery that can company you for a long time, and it will become more beautiful with time.

~We only make special things that can last!~