Green Aurora
Green Aurora
Green Aurora
Green Aurora

Green Aurora

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These two pieces of jewelleries are made of top-class green jade. 

The inner diameter of the ring is 20mm.

The inner diameter of the bracelet is 56mm.

Unique items. Handmade. 

Extremely simple design, suitable for any kinds of outfits.

Perfect colour.  Mysterious icy green.  

Just like the amazing green aurora. 

The craftsmanship is superb. Very comfortable to wear. 

The bracelet has extremely high purity, can not find any small flaws. 

Hardly can believe this is made of pure natural material without any artificial  enhancement. 

This kind of material is very rare and difficult to find, particularly to be used to make bracelet. 

Giving a bit of light, it can catch all the attentions from people.

These are jewelleries that you can enjoy all your lifetime.

Please remember even if real jade has very good toughness, but it is a natural stone material. We recommend you to treat it with a bit more carefulness. It should not be worn together with other metal or hard stone rings/bracelet, nor be worn in heavy physical activities. 

We only make special things that can last.