Gardenia Wind
Gardenia Wind
Gardenia Wind
Gardenia Wind
Gardenia Wind

Gardenia Wind

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All the gardenia flowers used for scenting are freshly picked in mountains during summer. 

The scenting procedure follows the traditional Chinese method of making scented tea: xūn)

No perfume. No aroma oil.

In order to let the tea leaves get a richer fragrance from gardenia, we repeated the scenting process eight times. 

The pleasant gardenia fragrance in this tea is completely from fresh gardenia flowers. 

The used gardenia were picked away in this tea. 

One feature of our Gardenia Wind is that you will feel the rich fragrance but seeing no flowers and petals. 

Carefully packed in our corn-fiber bags, ready for cold brewing.

Just after one hour of cold brewing, the water gets a very refreshing and pleasing sweet taste from the tea leaves with an natural scent of gardenia

This taste reminds us the refreshment feeling of mind and body in a mountain breeze at summer night. 

We hope you enjoy the Gardenia Wind as much as we do ❤️.

💡 Cold brew is highly recommended.


Full Pack contains 12 packets in an iron box.

Single pack contains one packet in high quality rice paper. 


Made in Summer, 2018.

Shan’Xi, China.