Four Precious
Four Precious
Four Precious
Four Precious

Four Precious

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Our Four Precious is from a classic luxury recipe originated in the Song Dynasty (960–1279) in China. 


The ingredients are just four kinds, which are agarwood, sandalwood, borneol and musk.

But these ingredients are considered as four of luxury ingredients in traditional Chinese incense culture. Even nowadays, these natural materials are still precious.

Agarwood and sandalwood are used as the foundation of this incense. 

Borneol strengthens the scent. 

Musk decorates the final fragrance and expands the coverage of the scent.


To make a good Four Precious’, the quality of the material is the the key. 

We use top-quality argarwood from Brunei, sandalwood from Mysore in India, natural borneol from Indonesia and musk from Northwest China. 

As always, we only use high quality natural material. 

No synthetic aroma or essential oil is added. 

Therefore, the fragrance of our incense is not aggressive. 

It is gentle and discreet, pleasant to be surrounded by for long time. 

The scent of Four Precious in room temperature is not very strong, has a gentle cooling and herbal sweetness. But when you put it on the heating, the fragrance will play actively in a whole room and last for hours. 


We only produce a small amount of our incense each time. 

All of our Four Precious are coated with 24k golden leaves to give an exclusive and luxurious feeling.  

Each piece is also completely handcrafted with purposely made vague pattern. This makes each piece of this incense look like an ancient golden pearl. 

Full pack has 6 pieces of the incense in a red aluminium bottle with a small booklet of the four ingredients. 

The booklet is printed on high-quality calligraphy paper. 

Single pack has 1 piece of the incense in a glass bottle.

The fragrance of Four Precious has a mixed note of agarwood and sandalwood, with a bit herbal and smooth sweetness. 

It is such an enjoyable incense that you can use anytime and anywhere as you like.  

We think it is perfect to use during your working at home. 

With our bamboo incense heater, one piece of the incense can be used for at least 6 hours  (around the burning time of one normal tealight candle ). 

It is revived from history, made from the nature.

Enjoy this real luxury scent!