Flower of Silk
Flower of Silk
Flower of Silk
Flower of Silk

Flower of Silk

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Our Flower of Silk is a flower-shape silk box with three pieces of incense tablet. 

Diameter is 7cm. Height is 4cm when it is closed, 9cm when it is open. 

Hand made. Unique item. 

The silk box is made of Tatsumura Textile. 

Tatsumura is one of the most famous manufacturer of Nishijin-ori which is a traditional textile produced in the Nishijin (西陣) district of Kamigyō-ku in Kyoto, Japan. 

Nishijin weaving originated in Heian-kyōto, Japan, over 1200 years ago. It uses many different types of coloured yarns, weaving them together into decorative designs. Nishijin employs very tedious and specialized procedures necessary to obtain the spectacular design, thus ensuring the quality of Nishijin weaving.

Tatsumura Textile established "Art Brocade" through vast experience in researching and restoring antique textiles. It is considered as one of the most luxury silk fabric in the world.

The pattern on the fabric of this box originates from the pattern on ancient ritual bronzes. The artist brocaded various auspicious animals and wave pattern on the fabric. 

Lift up the lid and twist anticlockwise, you can easily open the box.

The fabric reflects light, so the colour can be a bit different under different light. Thats the amazing attraction of high quality silk made in traditional method. 

Three pieces of incense tablet are included. 

The incense tablets are hand made with precious nature materials which includes Vietnamese agarwood, sandalwood, musk, borneol, frankincense, clover, patchouli, jasmine, cassia bark, lemongrass etc. 

The incense tablets have a shape and fragrance note of plum blossom.

You can put the incense tablets in the silk box and place the box in your wardrobe. It can give your clothes a gentle scent and scare away bugs and moth in wardrobe. 


You can also put the incense tablets in your wardrobe directly.

Break the incense tablets into small pieces, you can use them with our bamboo incense heater heater as well.

You can also put your favourite jewellery and precious small things in this beautiful and fascinating silk box.