Felicity and Longevity
Felicity and Longevity
Felicity and Longevity
Felicity and Longevity

Felicity and Longevity

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Our 'Felicity and Longevity' is a pendant necklace made of mammoth ivory, mother-of-pearl, 18K gold, 24k gold and silk. 

This is a unique piece of jewellery, completely handcrafted.

The size of the pendant: 1.5 x 1.7cm

The special part of this peach is that there is a mother-of-pearl bat inlaid on one side of the peach sculpture, and there is a 24k gold bead inlaid in the middle of the bat. The mother-of-pearl bat is handcrafted and carefully polished to present the the beautiful shimmer of high-quality mother-of-pearl. The shimmer moves with light, and reflects with the shineness of 24k gold bead. 

In Chinese language, 『蝠』(bat)has the same pronunciation of 『福』(felicity)and 『桃』(peach)is usually related to longevity. 

Our design is inspired by this blessing rhetorical device from Chinese culture. 

The peach sculpture is very vivid and lifelike. All details of a honey peach have been carefully carved and presented. 

The peach is hand-carved by applying Multi-dimensional Circular Carving, which demands extremely high skills and patience of the artisan.

When you look at the sculpture from different angles, you will have different visual feelings. 

We use natural dyes to breathe life into our peach sculpture.

We brought back the traditional ivory-dye method, which was used hundreds years ago to serve the royals in China, to create our peach sculpture. This method needs lot of skills and very time-consuming.

The dyes are derived from plants and vegetables. The colour appears a bit differently in different light. 

The colour is stable for everyday wearing, but you should not wear it when you shower or swim. 

The two loops on the peach sculpture and the two loops at the two sides of cage-like bead is made of 18K Gold. The rest of the accessories are made of solid 24K gold. 

Solid 24K gold are thick gold and can make jewellery durable and not change shape in everyday wearing.

Be aware that the colour of 24k gold is different from common 18k gold and rose gold. They have a bright and intense gold colour. 

The peach sculpture is made of the best part of a top-class mammoth ivory material with a superb craftsmanship. The details are amazing.

It is finished with dedicated hand polishing to display the natural beauty of mammoth ivory. 

Mammoth ivory is the fossil of mammoth tusk, which is harvested from mammoth remains preserved in Siberian permafrost. It is used as a substitute for elephant ivory. The fossil ivory has nearly the same texture and appearance as elephant ivory, except the angle difference of Schreger lines. 


Cross sections of elephant (left) and mammoth tusks (right) with outer Schreger lines marked, showing characteristic angle difference.

We use high-quality Siberian mammoth ivory. The material is trusted by professional craftsmen for its magnificent natural finish.

The mammoth ivory we use is from the icy wildness of northern Siberia. Our mammoth ivory is obtained in an ethical manner.


The beautiful rope is made of 100% silk. Color comes from natural dyes.

Handmade of 16 strands of silk thread in Japan. Very strong and durable. 

All of the accessories are made of top-quality materials and craftsmanship. 

We try our best to make each detail of this jewellery perfect. 

Exclusive, precious and unique.  

We hope this one of a kind jewellery will make you happy every time when you see and wear it, and can company you for a long time.