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Our Echoes is a bracelet made of a whole piece of mammoth ivory. 

The bracelet is wrapped with a piece of silk cloth and packed in wooden box made of black walnut.

Everything in this set is completely handmade.

Unique item. 

The inner diameter of the bracelet is 60mm.

The bracelet is made of a whole piece of mammoth ivory.  

Mammoth ivory is the fossil of mammoth tusk, which is harvested from mammoth remains preserved in Siberian permafrost. It is used as a substitute for elephant ivory. The fossil ivory has nearly the same texture and appearance as elephant ivory, except the angle difference of Schreger lines. 

Cross sections of elephant (left) and mammoth tusks (right) with outer Schreger lines marked, showing characteristic angle difference.

We use high-quality Siberian mammoth ivory. The material is trusted by professional craftsmen for its magnificent natural finish.

The mammoth ivory we use is from the icy wildness of northern Siberia. Our mammoth ivory is obtained in an ethical manner. 

We consider mammoth ivory is the echoes of the millions of years. Therefore, we name this bracelet Echoes. 

Prime material. Perfect craftsmanship. Thats what we always pursue. 

The loop-shape is simple. But keep a flawless finish is not that easy. The simplicity of the design makes the bracelet can be easily worn with different clothes.

The width of the bracelet is around 10mm. 

The edges of the inner part has been lightly chamfered to give the most comfortable wearing experience.

The patterns of mammoth ivory on this bracelet is incredibly beautiful.

Under different light, 'Echoes' looks different.

It is the fascinating feature of real high quality natural material. 

The silk cloth used to wrap the bracelet is translucent.

It is a special Chinese silk which is called Gambiered Canton Gauze『香雲紗』’ . The dark colour is from the juice of dye yam. 

The wooden box is made of Northern Americans  black walnut.

It is handmade, not made by machines. 

Shaping, digging and carving etc., all steps are completely finished by hand. 

Treat it carefully, this bracelet can be a good company to the rest of your life. 

We only make special things that can last!