Dark Bamboo
Dark Bamboo
Dark Bamboo
Dark Bamboo

Dark Bamboo

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Our Dark Bamboo is compact set for using stick incense.

The whole set includes:

  • one Ebony storage tube (length:13cm, diameter: 1.75cm)
  • one silver stick incense holder with bamboo stalk shape (length: 2.2cm, width: 0.7cm, height: 0.5cm)
  • 30 pieces of short Mysore sandalwood stick incense (length: 11.5cm)

Everything in this set is specially handmade.

Unique item. 


The storage tube for this stick incense is made of ebony from Africa. 

Ebony is finely-textured and has a very smooth finish when polished. 

The tube is handmade and hand polished.

There is no lacquer or wax on the tube. It is pure natural. 

The ebony we use has very high quality. Under the light, the pattern of the wood looks various from different angles. 

On the tube, there are two silver nails embedded. 

Match the two silver nails in the lid and the body of the tube, then slightly turn left or right, you can tightly close this storage tube for your precious stick incense. 

On the lid of the tube, one mammoth ivory pearl is attached. 

The design of the stick incense holder is inspired by the shape of bamboo stalk.

In this silver incense holder, the bamboo skin pattern and broken trace of side branch from bamboo joint is totally hand carved, not made by mold. 

The details are incredibly precise. 

 In side the tube, there are 30 pieces of sandalwood stick incense. 

One piece of the stick incense is around 10cm, it can burn for approx. 20 minutes.

These sandalwood stick incense are specially made by ourselves with 100% prime class of Mysore Sandalwood from India.

No synthetic aroma or essential oil is added. 

From the photo we took of the raw material, it is easy to see the high content of oil in the sandalwood that we used.

Thanks to the top quality material we used, these sandalwood stick incense are very different from the normal sandalwood incense in the market.

The scent is very natural and pleasant, smooth and pure. It can refresh your impression of the scent of sandalwood.

Sandalwood stick incense has an excellent effect for calming and relaxing.

Perfect to use during meditation.

The whole set is packed in a hand painted wood box. 

We have to say the box itself is a beautiful artwork. 

The shininess on the fish picture is from pure silver powder.

The whole set of “Dark Bamboo” is very compact, very ideal to use in travel and outdoors. 

We only make exclusive things. 😉