Golden Lotus
Golden Lotus
Golden Lotus
Golden Lotus
Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus

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Our incense Golden Lotus creates a delight and pleasant lotus scent with a cooling and moist note. The recipe originates from the Song Dynasty (960–1279). 

This is a luxury incense.

Top-grade precious incense materials are used, including water-sinking agarwood, water-sinking Mysore sandalwood, Sumatra borneol and a considerable amount of pure natural musk. 

Therefore the cost of making this incense is quite high. 

→putting the precious ingredients together 

We always use real natural incense materials. No perfume. No artificial aroma. 

Thats our most fundamental principle. 

Mix the ingredients with processed honey and store in a sealed container for one month to mature the scents. 

After one month, shape the incense pearls and mould them with lotus flower pattern.

All the incense pearls are coated with 24k gold leaves for a glamorous visual effect. 

It is also an identity of luxury incense.  

With the beautiful lotus flower pattern on them, it echoes the name of this incense Golden Lotus.

Exclusive and extravagant incense: a real luxury scent back to a thousand years ago. 

100% natural. 100% healthy. 100% Handmade.

Absolutely precious and premium!

We are very proud that we bring this amazing incense back to our modern time.

This incense has a magnificent fragrance by just smelling it.

After putting in our bamboo incense burner, it gives an impressive scent of lotus with a refreshing, cooling and damp feeling.

Just like immerse yourself in a lotus flower bath at a summer pond~

Full pack has 6 pieces of the incense in a porcelain bottle.

Single pack has 1 piece of the incense in a glass bottle.

Thanks to the top-quality materials used in this incense, you can breaks one incense pearl into three pieces to use. 

With our bamboo incense heater, each small piece can used for at least 12 hours  (around the burning time of two normal 6-hour tealight candles ).