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Our 'Mystery' is not only a beautiful incense burner, but also has a storage drawer for stick incense.

Refined and practical design. Excellent handcraft. 

It is made of Wu Mu (乌木 in Chinese), which means Black Wood.

The Black Wood is semi-fossilised Phoebe zhennan, which is  a large species of tree, up to 30 metres tall. 

In the past, wood from Phoebe zhennan was so valuable that only royal families could afford their use. Notably, whole logs of Phoebe zhennan wood were used to create pillars for the Forbidden City. 

The wood of Phoebe zhennan is particularly valuable when has become semi-fossilised, and is then referred to as 乌木 Wu Mu, or "Black Wood". The price on the 2012 market could be as high as over $10,000 per cubic meter.

Slide and open the top lid, the box is a stick incense burner. 

Super easy to use, just put a burning stick incense in and slid back the lid.

Then you can enjoy the fragrance and the beauty of smoke. 

There is a layer of fire-proof fabric inside of the burner, which makes the burning of stick incense completely safe and wont harm the wood of the box. 

At the bottom of the box you can find the other lid, which can transform the bottom of the box be a storage drawer for stick incense.

Slide and open the lid, you can keep your favourite stick incense there. 

We inlaid a small magnet on the edge of the lid, which makes the lid stay stable and ownt accidentally slide out. 

30 pieces of high quality stick incense are included in this incense burner. You can find them in the storage drawer.

These incense sticks are made from pure agarwood of Indonesia. 100% natural materials.  

No artificial perfume. No synthetic aroma. 

The box is made with mortise-and-tenon joints that are used in traditional Chinese furnitures and architectures. But the mortise-and-tenon joints used here is micro version, which demands more skills and higher accuracy.

Pieces of wood are perfectly cut and jointed together.

No nails. No glues.

The operation of the sliding the lids are very smooth and enjoyable. 

Micor mortise-and-tenon joints. Astonishingly well done. 

We devote all our efforts to perfecting the handcraft. Therefore we dare to show our work by macro shooting.

In the top lid, there is handmade openwork carving of flower petals. The carving is perfectly finished.

The openwork carvings on the lid can help the smoke of the incense be interwoven to a startling visual effect. It can also make the fragrance of burning stick incense more gentle. 

The Black Wood appears many tiny golden stripes under the light. The visions can vary at different angles.  

The Black Wood itself also has a unique complex scent of herbs and fruits. 

Its really a beautiful and magic nature material!

This black wood incense burner (with storage drawer) comes with a tailor-made carrying bag. 

Hand sewing with traditional handwoven cotton fabric. 

We care about all the details, even a small knot of the carrying bag. 

The whole set is very easy to carry, perfect to bring with during traveling or going out.

Our 'Mystery' is carefully designed and crafted, differentiating from those ordinary wooden incense burner in markets. Unique item.

We only make special things that can last!