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Our incense Butterfly use exactly the original recipe in Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). 

明·周嘉胄 《香乘·晦齋香譜》:「蝴蝶香,春月花圃中焚之,蝴蝶自至。 」

In book of 'Incense Bible' which is written by Zhou Jiazhou in Ming Dynasty, it is said "when you use the Butterfly incense in the garden at spring time, the butterflies will be attracted and fly to you." 

Whether this story is true or not, you can test it with using our incense Butterfly.

The original recipe of "Butterfly" includes theses ingredients:


This is quite amazing incense recipe because even there is no flower ingredient, but the incense indeed generates an amazing floral sweetness according to our own using experience. No wonder it is said this incense can attract butterflies to arrive. This makes us have great admiration for the wisdom of the ancient Chinese. 

Sandalwood from Mysore in India and yellowish frankincense from Oman are the foundation of this recipe.

Top quality lakawood from Hainan Island in China is used in this incense. Lakawood can effectively strengthen the scent of the whole recipe. 

Lakewood has been used as incense in China from an early period. Its fragrance was particularly appreciated by Taoists , and it therefore gained the name “降真香 jiangzhenxiang meaning "the incense that summons the Perfected Ones to descend among us".

Maybe here our 'the Perfected Ones' is the beautiful butterflies in the spring garden. :)

We handcrafted our incense 'Butterfly' into beautiful flower shape, wrapped them with real 24k gold leaf. The intention is not only to make the incense look nice, but also to show our respect and admiration to the ancient wisdom. 

Full pack has 6 pieces of the incense in a porcelain bottle.

Single pack has 1 piece of the incense in a glass bottle.

With our bamboo incense heater, one piece of the incense can be used for approximately 6 hours  (around the burning time of one normal tealight candle ). 



  • Sandalwood
  • Frankincense
  • Lakawood
  • Figwort
  • Clove
  • Chinese rhubarb
  • Nardostachys chinensis
  • Rhizoma Atractylodes
  • Honey