Ancient Story
Ancient Story
Ancient Story
Ancient Story

Ancient Story

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Our Ancient Story is inspired by a private recipe from a master of incense in nowadays China. 

We take it as an incense for winter. 

The beginning note of  Ancient Story is refreshing with a light jasmine scent.

The basic note is warm and calm, feeling like telling an ancient story in a cozy house when it is snowing outside.

Only five kinds of ingredients are used in this incense. They are high quality agarwood from Brunei, sandalwood from Mysore in India, royal green frankincense from Oman, real amber from Russia, jasmine flower from Guangxi in China.

Simplicity does not mean easy. 

The composition seems quite simple, but the proportion of each ingredients used in Ancient Story is extremely important to the final effect of the scent. It has taken us many times of experiments to determine our final formula.

As always, we only use high quality natural material. 

No synthetic aroma or essential oil is added. 

Therefore, the fragrance of our incense is not aggressive. 

It is gentle and discreet, pleasant to be surrounded by for long time. 


All pieces of  Ancient Story have a lovely melon shape.

Completely handmade. Each piece is slightly different.

Every piece is coated with jasmine flower powder for decoration, but also echoing to the snow in winter.

Full pack has 6 pieces of the incense in a porcelain bottle.

Single pack has 1 piece of the incense in a glass bottle.

The dried jasmine flowers in the bottle is for extra scenting of the incense. 

When you use our Ancient Story , you feel free to put some jasmine petals to company the incense. It makes the whole scene more enjoyable and can enhance a bit the beginning note. 

With our bamboo incense heater, one piece of the incense can be used for at least 6 hours  (around the burning time of one normal tealight candle ).

Enjoy this pleasant natural fragrance with a cozy candle light for a whole afternoon or evening in a cold winter~ 😌

Wonderful experience