FAQs of Our Tea

What is cold brew tea?

Cold brew tea is tea steeped in cold or room temperature water for an extended period of time.

The process brews the tea leaves slowly, using time rather than temperature to release the flavors.

Why shall I drink cold brew tea?

Cold brewing tea is known to gently extract flavors from the tea itself, allowing for a truer tasting tea.

Hot brewing can scorch the tea, destroying any natural benefits as well as creating a bitter tasting tea.

Cold brewed tea is shown to have higher amounts of antioxidants when compared to hot brewed.

Why your tea is "Best with Cold Brew"?

Cold brewing requires a much higher quality of tea to ensure that enough flavor is extracted into the water.

Our Private Tea collection has top-class quality tea leaves. The advantage of these finest tea leaves is that you can use smaller amount and shorter time to make a perfect cold brew tea.

We are very confident that our Private Tea can provide you a wonderful experience of having cold-brewed tea. 

Can I refill more water with one packet of tea leaves?

Yes. In general, you can refill your carafe with more water at least twice with one packet of tea leaves. 

We recommend you refill the bottle when you still have ¼-⅓ left. This can help cold-brewed tea to maintain a consistent taste. 

How long does it take to make a perfect cold-brew tea with your tea?

Thanks to the high quality of our tea leaves, using our tea leaves to make cold-brew tea takes much shorter time.

In room temperature, after around 2 hours, it will be ready to drink.

With cold water in a fridge, after around 4 hours, it will be ready to serve. In the cold temperature of fridge, we recommend you allow the tea leaves stay over a night.

💡 The longer time tea leaves stay in the water, the heavier the taste will be. The hours mentioned above are only recommendations. You can adjust it according to your preference to heavier taste or lighter taste. 

How much water do I need to put with one bag of your tea leaves when cold brewing?

To get the best taste, we recommend you to put 1-1.5L water with one bag of our tea leaves when you make cold-brewing.

How long can cold-brewed tea stay?

Cold-brewed tea in fridge can stay for 2 days, after that we recommend you to change a new bag of tea leaves. This means if you cold brew tea in fridge, you can use one bag for two days with at least twice refilling.

Cold brew tea staying in room temperature should be finished in one day.

What kind of bottle shall I have for cold brew tea?

We recommend you to use glass carafe to make cold brew tea. With glass carafe, you can also easily appreciate the different shapes of tea leaves as well.  

Plastic and ceramic bottle is also possible.

Stainless Steel and aluminium bottles are not recommended because the taste of tea will be effected during long time cold-brewing.

If you want to use metal bottle, we suggest you use a one that is made of pure titanium or silver . 

Can your tea be used for hot brewing?

Of course, you can. But please beware if you make hot brew with our tea leaves, the temperature of the water you use should be 80-90℃. Tea leaves should not stay in hot water for more than 60 seconds, otherwise the taste might be ruined.  

Our tea leaves have the finest quality and are totally handmade by traditional methods. To make a perfect taste of our tea by hot brewing needs skills and more advanced professional equipments.

We highly recommend you to enjoy our tea leaves in a healthier, easier but the most original way: cold brew.

Trust us, the taste is definitely better.