FAQs of Our Incense

Is the bamboo heater safe to use?

Our bamboo heater is complete safe to use because the ignition point of bamboo is more than 300℃. During heating up, the porcelain plate will become hot, but this has no danger to the bamboo heater. 

However, to put the tea-light candle directly under the bamboo material of the heater must be avoided. This action can cause a fire.

Where shall I place the bamboo heater?

We recommend you to place the bamboo heater in a lower table near the centre of a room. This is easier for the scent to diffuse evenly.

How long can one piece of incense last?

One piece of our incense can last at least one tea-light's burning time (around 6 hours).  If you feel the scent becomes weaker, you can turn over the incense to heat up other sides. 

Why the scent smells so light?

The feeling to the strength of a smell is very individual. Our original incense is made of real natural materials. The scent released from these materials is gentle and smooth, not as strong and intense as perfume, scented candle, essential/fragrant oil or chemical fragrance. 

In order to get best experience with using our incense, we recommend you only use it indoor without having windows open. A suitable size of the room for using our incense is around 20-30㎡. If you want to use our incense in a bigger room, we suggest you to put 2 or 3 pieces of incense in the plates at same time. 

When shall I use the bamboo stool?

Using the bamboo stool will increase the heating power to the incense and hence increase the intensity of the scent. You can apply the bamboo stool whenever you feel the scent is not strong enough to you. 

In the beginning of burning a tea-light with using a new piece of incense, we do not recommend to use the bamboo stool. According to our experience, it is better to use the bamboo stool after 2-3 hours of burning a tea-light. But this is not a fixed rule. 

Can I put the incense in the porcelain plate directly without using the mica plate?

Yes, that is possible. This will make the heating to the incense stronger, and therefore make the scent more intensive.

Besides, you will need to clean the porcelain plate now and then because the heating of incense can cause some marks on the porcelain plate. Using with mica plate will not have this problem, and mica plate is easy to clean and replace.

Can I change to another piece of incense during the heating?

Of course, you can. But please don't use your hand to take away the incense that is in the heating plate, use the bamboo tweezer instead. During heating up, the temperature in the incense and in the middle of the plate can be around 120-130℃. 

Is your incense healthy?

Our incense is made of 100% natural materials. We use slow heating to release the fragrance from the materials in the incense. Compared with incense stick, our original incense generates no smoke, only nature scent. We believe our incense is healthy. 

But since some ingredients in our incense are herbal, we do not recommend our incense to any mother-to-be and people who have allergic problems. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, people who have sensitive physical conditions should be away from any unnecessary herbs.