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Meditation is a sandalwood bracelet, with two fossil ivory plate-shape bead and one cinnabar bucket-shape bead. 

Simple and clean design. But not simple materials.

The red bucket-shape bead is made of cinnabar.

Cinnabar is considered to have calming property.

Cinnabar also has antiseptic and antibiotic function, therefore it is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Because of its unique red colour, cinnabar is also used as pigment in traditional Chinese painting and lacquer artworks.

In the red bucket-shape bead, the whole content of Buddhist scripture Great Compassion Mantra has been hand carved. 

This kind of carving is called Miniature carvings”, also known as rice-carving or detailed carving. Carving in miniature combines the skills of traditional Chinese calligraphy, painting and carving. 

The white plate-shape beads are made of fossil ivory. 

Carefully handmade. Perfect shape and condition. No flaws. 

Fossil ivory is the fossil of mammoth tooth, which is harvested from mammoth remains preserved in Siberian permafrost. It is used as a substitute for elephant ivory. The fossil ivory has nearly the same texture and appearance as elephant ivory.

All the sandalwood beads are handmade and hand polished, hence they are not exactly same in size and shape. 

There is no artificial treatment with these sandalwood beads.

No wax. No soaking oil.  

They are made of real sandalwood from Mysore in India.

The raw sandalwood used to make these beads is top-grade and bought from the governmental shops in India. 

These sandalwoods grew in wild environment and have been stabilised for at least 40 years after being cut down, therefore the condition of these sandalwood is very stable and the scent of these sandalwood is very rich and mellow. 

The nature scent of top-grade sandalwood is quite different from the sandalwood aroma and essential oil that most people have experienced.

It is an impressive scent that can make people feel comfortable and calm, perfect to use during meditating.

Each bead of this bracelet has been carefully selected and examined.

All the materials are 100% nature and genuine.

The stock is only one. What you see in these photos is what you will get.

The bracelet comes with a tailor-made cotton bag for storage. 

When you wear this sandalwood bracelet, we highly recommend you NOT use any perfume.

When you dont wear it, remember to put the bracelet back into the cotton bag. 



The scent of the sandalwood can last forever.  

If you feel the scent gets weaker, put the bracelet in a sealed container for couple days. The scent will recover strong again. 

That's what we call "Nature material has a life".