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Our 'Perfectionism' is a perfect white jade ring.

The inner diameter is 20mm. The hight is 6mm.

The shimmer of white jade stays inside. The translucent visual feeling is soft, gentle and comfortable, especially under light. 

The touch feeling of this ring are silk-smooth but even more special. This kind of feeling is beyond description unless you have it in your own hands. 

The white jade of this ring comes from the Yurungkash river in Hotan of Xinjiang, which locates in western China.

The white jade that comes from this place has been appreciated by Chinese culture for thousands of years and is considered as the most genuine and authentic white jade. 

The white jade in the Yurungkash river in Hotan is a nonrenewable resource. After being used for thousands of years, nowadays a piece of top-class white jade stone has become extremely rare and valuable.

The 'Perfectionism' is made of this kind of white jade from the Yurungkash river in Hotan.

Jade stones in the Yurungkash river usually have cracks and dirty spots. To get a proper raw stone and make a such perfect condition white jade ring is not easy. 

The design of this ring is minimalistic. Simple, but simple does not mean easy.

To get this level of perfect condition, the material needs to be the best part of a raw jade stone, which means big parts of the stone have to be cut aways.

The simple shape puts an extreme high demand on mastering the proportion between lines and surfaces to the craftsman.

No matter from which angle, this ring all looks perfect.

Get a close look, it is still flawless. 

You can hardly believe natural material can be so perfect. But we made it without any kinds of artificial enhancement.

*The red sandalwood box is not included in the product. But you can buy it separately in our shop.

This perfect white jade ring is unique and rare, comfortable for everyday wearing.

For a real Yurungkash river white jade, the more you wear it, the better it will look.

Please remember even if real jade has very good toughness, but it is a natural stone material. We recommend you to treat it with a bit more carefulness. It should not be worn together with other metal or hard stone rings, nor be worn in heavy physical activities. 

This is a lifetime piece of jewellery.

We only make special things that can last.