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Our 'Hsüan-chi' is a pendant necklace made of mammoth ivory, Nanhong agate, 24k gold and silk. 

Completely handcrafted.

The size of the pendant:  φ 41mm x 4.5mm. 

Hsüan-chi, which is also called as Xuanji, is a Chinese jade form found in the Shang (c. 1600–1046 BC) and Zhou (1046–256 BC) dynasties. 

In Chinese language, Xuanji(璇璣)indicates the first four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper. It has been suggested that the xuanji may have been used as an astronomical instrument to plot the location of the stars.

The design of this pendant is inspired by the shape of ancient Xuanji.

Carving exists on both sides of the pendant.

The craftsmanship is extremely delicate.

The shimmering on the pendant is completely from carefully hand-polishing. 

Under different light, the colour of the pendant can look a bit different.

The material of the pendant is Mammoth ivory. 100% natural. No dyeing. No artificial enhancement.

We use the finest part of high-quality Siberian mammoth ivory. The material is trusted by professional craftsmen for its magnificent natural finish.

Mammoth ivory is the fossil of mammoth tusk, which is harvested from mammoth remains preserved in Siberian permafrost. It is used as a substitute for elephant ivory. The fossil ivory has nearly the same texture and appearance as elephant ivory, except the angle difference of Schreger lines. 

Cross sections of elephant (left) and mammoth tusks (right) with outer Schreger lines marked, showing characteristic angle difference.

The mammoth ivory we use is from the icy wildness of northern Siberia. Our mammoth ivory is obtained in an ethical manner.

When the light goes through the pendant, the mammoth ivory becomes translucent with light orange colour. Very mysterious and fascinating. 

The red loop is made of Chinese Nanhong agate.

The mini white loop is also made of mammoth ivory. 

All the gold accessories are made of 24K gold in traditional methods. The colour and texture are different from 18k gold. 

The rope is made of 100% silk. Color comes from natural dyes.

Handmade of 16 strands of silk thread in Japan. Very strong and durable. 

Everything of this pendant necklace is handmade with genuine natural material.

Precious and Unique. 

We believe this is a piece of jewellery that can company you for a long time.

~We only make special things that can last. ~