Perfect Karma
Perfect Karma
Perfect Karma
Perfect Karma

Perfect Karma

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‘Perfect Karma’ is a bracelet with 16 melon-shape incense beads (coated with 24k gold leaf) and one white jade bead. The diameter of each bead is between 10mm-11mm.

The white jade bead is made of first-class nephrite jade from Qinghai, China.

Handmade and polished. 

No cracking and irregular colour. No artificial enhancement. 

The incense beads are coated with 24k gold leaves, completely made from the real incense materials, including agarwood, sandalwood, frankincense, vanilla pods, patchouli, clove, borneol, musk etc.. 

Make the high quality agarwood into powder.

Add frankincense, clove, sandalwood and patchouli.

Add plaster, crystalline mirabilite, talc and vanilla pods.

Add musk and borneol.

Make all the powder into mud, seal the mud and let all the ingredients get matured together for weeks.

Make the mud into round balls and shape them to melon beads.

The real incense materials can still be seen through the surface of the beads.

Coated with 24k gold leaves by our unique handcraft technique.

In the end, each incense bead owns an individual and fascinating antique visual effect of ancient gold-gilding bronze sculpture.

The scent of this bracelet is complex, a mix of cooling, dark wood and undefined floral note.

It feels refreshing and mysterious.

Thanks to the high-class incense materials, the scent of the bracelet is quite powerful.

In traditional Chinese culture, white jade with gold is considered as an exquisite and noble match. Powdered by the wonderful scent, this match finally evolves into our 'Perfect Karma'.

We recommend you not use any perfume when you wear it.

Do not wear this bracelet when you swim, take a bath or shower. Soaking the beads into water should be avoided because it will severely damage the incense beads. 

When you dont wear it, put it back into the original porcelain box. 

The fragrance from this bracelet can last for many years. 

In the middle of the porcelain box, natural borneol are kept for extra scenting.