Bamboo Forest
Bamboo Forest
Bamboo Forest
Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest

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Our Bamboo Forest is a bracelet made of fragrant pearls, black wood pearls, agate pearls and mammoth ivory circles. 

The dimeter of the pearls is around 8mm. 

The size of mammoth ivory circles is 3mmx1.5mm.

Everything in this bracelet is completely handmade.

Unique item. 

The bracelet has a clean and refreshing note of bamboo. 

At the same time the fragrance is also complex. You will feel cooling with freshness, herbal with a slight bitterness, woody with a gentle sweetness. 

Just like being immersed in a bamboo forest in summer. 


Wearing this bracelet, there is no need to use any perfume. 

It diffuses a gentle and discreet scent in the air around you. 

The green scented pearls is completely made of natural fragrant materials, including agarwood, sandalwood, cedar, borneol, frankincense and various herb.

The beautiful green colour of the scented pearls is from the natural mineral malachite. We do not use any synthetic colouring material.

Each scented pear is carefully hand made and specially treated with natural resin and lacquer. 

Therefore these scented pears are not sensitive to water and rain. But we still not recommend you to wear it when swimming or bathing. 

The black wood pearl reflects light and shines, appears very dynamic with light. 

The Black Wood’ (乌木 'Wu Mu' in Chinese) is semi-fossilised Phoebe zhennan, which is  a large species of tree, up to 30 metres tall. 

In the past, wood from Phoebe zhennan was so valuable that only royal families could afford their use. Notably, whole logs of Phoebe zhennan wood were used to create pillars for the Forbidden City. 

The wood of Phoebe zhennan is particularly valuable when has become semi-fossilised, and is then referred to as 乌木 Wu Mu, or "Black Wood". 

The agate pearl has different natural patterns when you view it from different angles.

One scented pearl has a handmade bamboo joint shape, reflecting the design theme of this bracelet.  

The mammoth ivory circle is extremely mini, but the finish is perfect.

The craftsmanship is impressive. Very few people can make this kind miniature level accessories for bracelet.

It is even more astonishing when you have them in your hand. 

The bracelet is packed in a high quality calligraphy paper bag and stored in a hard paper box. 

Once you once the box, the bamboo forest scent will sneak into your nose immediately. 

The fragrance of the bracelet can last for many years. 

Once you feel the scent is a bit lighter, just put the bracelet back to the box and store for couple days. The scent will get strong again. 

Thats the magic of high quality natural fragrant materials. 

We do not recommend you use any perfume when you wear it.