Immortal Wood
Immortal Wood
Immortal Wood
Immortal Wood

Immortal Wood

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Our ‘Immortal Wood’ are two pieces of beautiful raw sinking-grade agarwood (net weight: 2.53g) as pendant to make a couple of necklace. The agarwood is from Nha Trang in Vietnam. The scent has a featured floral sweetness and fruity freshness. 

These two pieces of agarwood are sinking-grade. They can sink in water immediately. 

Sinking Agarwood is top quality of agarwood. Sinking Agarwood are pieces of agarwood which sinks when place in water. It has the highest agarwood resin content which take many years to form in wild agarwood trees. 

Sinking Agarwood is much more valuable than ordinary agarwood. Because it takes many years(E.g 10 - 80 years) for Agarwood tree to produce agarwood resin and aging process to reach the sinking properties.

The agarwood resin content in these two pieces are very high. As you can see in the photo, the content of resin is so high that the resin nearly looks like to overflow from the wood.  

Not like ordinary agarwood which are very thin and fragile, the thickness of these two pieces of agarwood is around 3-5mm, perfectly solid enough to wear everyday as a piece of jewellery. 

Nature materials have lives in them.

With different light, the vision can be various. 

We use the traditional Chinese rope-making to do our own design. It's completedly handmade and unique. 

We carefully choose top-grade gem pearl to match with these two pieces of precious sinking-grade agarwood. 

With the big piece, we use an ice-kind spinach-green nephrite jade. With the small piece, we use a flame-red Chinese Nanhong agate. 

The pearls are 100% genuine and nature. No any kinds of artificial processing for enhancement.

The pearls look translucent, have even coloration and perfect round shape. The colour will be very vivid and bright when they catch light. The condition of the pearls are very good, no cracking and other obvious flaws. 

We believe beautiful and precious things need to have proper storage, so people can take good care of these things and use them for long time. 

We prepare an exclusive tailor-made storage tube for each of the agarwood pendant.

The storage tube is made of Chinese boxwood. 

Boxwood has relatively high density (it is one of the few woods that are denser than water), boxwood is often used for chess pieces.  

Owing to its fine grain it is a good wood for fine wood carving, although this is limited by the small sizes available. It is also resistant to splitting and chipping, and thus useful for decorative or storage boxes. 

The boxwood tube has a smooth touch feeling. With everyday using, the colour of boxwood will slowly change to orange red. 

Agarwood has the most complex and amazing scent by itself, especially in humid and warm environment. In normal environment, the fragrance can be smelt when getting close to it. 

We recommend you not wear any perfume when you wear this necklace. 

The agarwood pendant will give a surprising fragrance to people around you.