Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

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The recipe of Wild Flowers is from 1,000 years ago, Song Dynasty in China.

High-class agarwood from Hong Kong is used.

As can be seen in the photo, the content of dark fragrant resin is quite high in the agarwood we used. The price of this level of agarwood is nearly same as gold.  

Sandalwood used in our Wild Flowers is from Mysore in India.

Lakewood is from Hainan island in China. 

Borneol and clove are from Indonesia. 

Musk is from Shanxi in China. 

To get nice visual enjoyment, we wrap each piece of this incense with pure silver.

This Incense will bring the delicate fragrance of wild flowers in spring to your chamber~

Wild Flowers provides an amazing floral and fruity sweet tone with pleasant woody scent. It is perfect to use in a lazy spring evening to relax yourself~ 🌙

The full pack contains six pieces of Wild Flowers.

You can also choose to get a single piece of our Wild Flowers in a nice glass bottle.

Both single and full pack have petals of hibiscus for further scenting. 

With our bamboo incense heater, one piece of the incense can be used for approximately 6 hours  (around the burning time of one normal tealight candle ).