Eternal Love
Eternal Love
Eternal Love
Eternal Love

Eternal Love

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Our Eternal Love is an incense of autumn. The recipe originates from the Song Dynasty (960–1279). 

The fragrance of Eternal Love will give you a sweet and consoling feeling, like sitting under osmanthus trees in a classical Chinese garden. 

This incense is rich of osmanthus flowers and sandalwood.

We always choose top-quality sandalwood from Mysore in India. 

As we can see in the photo, the sandalwood we use has very high oil content. 

That is the reason why one piece of our incense can be used for couple hours. 

We use premium quality of osmanthus flowers from Guangxi Province in China, strictly selected from suppliers. 

The osmanthus flowers that we use are intact whole flowers, not broken petals. The price is three times higher than ordinary class. The fragrance is pure and lasting.

The recipe of Eternal Love also includes agarwood, benzoin, cuddy shell, borneol, musk and vanilla. 

All the ingredients are from real 100% natural materials.

The Eternal Love features with a clear note of osmanthus flowers and sandalwood. 

Warm and calm. 

The osmanthus flowers fragrance in this incense is very nature and comfortable. 

It is very different from synthetic osmanthus aroma that can be very heavy and make people feel nauseated and headache. 

Each piece of our Eternal Love is decorated with real 24k gold leaf, reflecting with the colour of osmanthus flowers. 

The incense has been matured for half year. The fragrance is smooth and mellow.  

Eternal Love is perfect to use in an autumn afternoon or evening. 

The osmanthus flowers in the bottle is for extra scenting of the incense. 

Our osmanthus flowers is food grade. You can also use them to make some osmanthus flowers tea. 

Full pack has 6 pieces of the incense in a porcelain bottle.

Single pack has 1 piece of the incense in a glass bottle.


With our bamboo incense heater, one piece of the incense can be used for at least 6 hours  (around the burning time of one normal tealight candle ).