The Very Best
The Very Best
The Very Best
The Very Best

The Very Best

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Our 'The Very Best' is an exquisite bookmark made of Zitan (Red Sandalwood), 999 fine silver, green jade, 24k gold and silk. 

Everything is handcrafted by top craftsmanship.

The size of the body of the bookmark: 28cm x 1.65cm x0.2cm.

The size of the green jade loop: φ 12mm x 2.5mm

The Zitan used to make this bookmark is from the component part of a broken antique Japanese musical instrument Shamisen, which has at least 70 years old history. 

Red sandalwood has historically been valued in China, particularly during the Qing Dynasty periods, and is referred to in Chinese as 'Zitan(紫檀) and spelt tzu-t'an by earlier western authors when they introduced classical Chinese hardwood furniture to the west.

An exquisite chair made of red sandalwood can be seen today in China's Forbidden City in Beijing, inside the Hall of Supreme Harmony, and once used by the emperors of the Qing Dynasty.

Due to its slow growth and rarity, things made of 'Zitan' is rare and expensive. It has been one of the most prized woods for millennia.

Extremely top-class Zitan: solid, smooth, beautiful and intensive wave-pattern grain.

Impressively beautiful grains under light.

On the top of one side of the bookmark, two Chinese Characters "上上" (means 'the very best luck')  are inlaid with filigree silver(999 fine silver).  

On the back side, the sign of the craftsman's name is filigree silver(999 fine silver) inlaid in the middle of the bookmark.

Totally made by hands. Very delicate craftsmanship!

The accessories of the bookmark are all made of precious natural materials. 

All the golden ornaments of this bookmark are made of 24k gold in traditional method. The colour and texture are different from 18k gold.

Jewellery-grade green jade. High purity. Perfect condition. Excellent finishing. 

Outstanding bright green colour.

We pay attention to all the details, even the details most people might not easily see.

All 24k gold ornaments are specially designed to match the super quality silk rope.

Our rope is made of 100% silk. Color comes from natural dyes.

Handmade of 16 strands of silk thread in Japan. Very strong and durable. 

This bookmark is made of rare and precious natural materials. They appears differently under different lights or from different angles. This is the life of real high quality natural material. 

Perfect to use with big books.

We can call it a luxurious and exclusive bookmark. But it is more than a bookmark. 

Just spontaneously place it somewhere on your table, it immediately becomes an eye-catching art decoration. 

Unique in the world.

Only made for its real lover, not everybody. 

~ We only make special things that can last! ~