Starry Sky
Starry Sky
Starry Sky
Starry Sky

Starry Sky

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Our 'Starry Sky' is an amazing artwork, made of Baltic amber and a tailor-made dock which is made of agalmatolite (Shoushan Stone).

The diameter of amber pearl is 20mm.

The size of the dock is H4.7cm x W2.1cm x H2cm.

The Zitan (red sandalwood) plate is not included, but can be bought in our shop here.

An extraordinary combination of two different kinds of precious natural material contributes the beauty of this piece of unique artwork.

It is one and only in the universe. 

The amber pearl is full of small air bubbles inside, looks like a peaceful starry sky at night.

These bubbles are naturally formed. The air contained inside come from millions of years ago.  

The size of this amber pearl is φ20mm. The condition is perfect. Flawless.

We make this unique pearl by ourself from raw amber. There is no any kinds of artificial enhancement of this amber. It is 100% authentic and natural.  

To get such a pure and transparent amber pearl of this size and full of star-like air bubbles is extremely rare and not easy. 

The pearl is totally handmade. The shimmer is from hours of careful hand-polishing.

Get a close look. 

It is so peaceful and stunning that time seems to be paused and frozen inside.

We definitely do not recommend you to drill any kinds of holes in this pearl. That will ruin the beauty of this natural masterpiece.

The dock is made of precious agalmatolite (Shoushan Stone) from Fujian in China.

Shoushan Stone (Chinese: 寿山石 shòu shān shí)  carving is an art originating in Fujian Province(福建省 Fújiàn shěng)in Eastern China.

The stones used in carving are also known as agalmatolite and are mined in the Shoushan village in northern Fujian. These rocks formed from the earth’s movement more than 100 to 200 millions years ago. The mining is difficult, and thus the stone is very rare.

Use of the stone for carving can be traced back as far as the Southern Dynasties and have long been used to produce handicrafts and later on in the Ming Dynasty, often used to make seals. Shoushan Stone is one of the traditional Chinese "four seal stones". Many emperors employed Shoushan stone to produce the royal seal.

Both ancient emperors and modern people have close contact with 'Shoushan Stone', putting it in a prominent position of the traditional Chinese jade culture.

Perfect symmetric beauty.

Top-class material: High Purity. Even colour. Flawless.

It is completely hand-carved. The craftsmanship is astonishing and impeccable!

On the bottom side of the dock, seal cutting 「養性塵中,靜安所屬」(which means "Cultivate your mind and discipline your temperament in everyday life, that's where the inner peace can belong to") is hand carved in traditional Chinese lesser seal characters by a calligraphy master in Beijing in China. 

This seal cutting grants the whole artwork a soul, and a sophisticated cultural significance. 

Masterpiece of art work.

Comes from nature, crafted by man. 

Made to be together. 

Any kinds of more descriptions feel powerless.  

Just appreciate this beauty.

Made for true lover and collector. 

~ We only make special things that can last! ~