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Our ‘Egret’ is a Japanese Wajima lacquer wooden plate with egret design in Chinkin (Gold/Silver Inlay).

Size is : φ 25.5cm, H 2.2cm.

Handcrafted. Unique item.

Chinkin is one of lacquer ware techniques. 

The technique originated in China during the Sung period (960–1279). Examples at the Daitoku-ji in Kyōto and elsewhere indicate that large quantities of this kind of Chinese lacquer ware reached Japan in the Muromachi period (1338–1573), when Japanese artists began to adopt the technique.

Motifs are carved into the lacquered surface with special chisels,
and after inlaying lacquer in the grooves, placing gold leaves and gold powder gives the pattern expression.

Chinkin has remained a specialty of Wajima lacquer ware.

In this Chinkin lacquer plate, both pure gold and silver powder are used.

Elaborate Chinkin design of a characteristic egret with amazing details. 

Outstanding expression of feathers and down.

Since Chinkin is a carving technique, there is no room for mistakes. Every single carve is a true challenge in the sense of the word.

The delicate and fine depiction and three-dimensional aspect overflowing with a strong power of expression are the special characteristics of this egret Chinkin plate.

The use of pure silver and gold powder makes the egret motif on the plate shine and shimmer diversely under different lights. It feels that the egret are brought alive. 

The body of the plate is made of wood, and coated with several thick layer of natural lacquer. 

Lacquer in China and Japan is made from the sap of the Chinese lacquer tree.

The cured lacquer produces a hard, glossy coating that is highly prized in traditional decorative arts.

The finishing visual effect of this lacquer plate is like a mirror that can reflect images.

 Perfect shape, and a silk-smooth touch feeling. 

Very refined style.

Can be adapted for various uses.

Glossy lacquer wares are easily get greasiness and fingerprint. 

For cleaning, it can be rinsed with running tap water or use delicate fabrics (e.g. soft cotton or silk cloth) to gently mop.
The fabrics can be dampened with water if necessary. 
We highly recommend you avoid the Chinkin motif during moping. 
No chemical detergent should be used for cleaning this plate.